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  MADIS Radiometer Dataset

Radiometer Dataset



Microwave radiometers are ground-based observing systems that allow continuous, unattended, remote atmospheric profiling during clear and cloudy conditions. The atmosphere continually radiates microwave energy. By passively observing this energy at selected frequencies, accurate atmospheric temperature, water vapor, and cloud liquid distribution up to 10 km height can be obtained. The MADIS radiometer dataset consists of data from radiometers operated by different "providers" and integrated into a single dataset. The radiometer stations additionally report surface data (typically, relative humidity, pressure, temperature) which are available in the MADIS Meteorological Surface dataset. MADIS has been collecting Radiometer data since July 2003.

Geographic Coverage

Sparse coverage over the CONUS and Alaska, see current station table for specifics.

Data Schedule

Each station may report as often as once a minute, although typical operational scenarios will produce data every 5 to 15 minutes. Incoming data are processed once an hour, at minute 6, with the data being available on the ftp server by minute 8. E.g., at 13:08 the data from 12:00-12:59 are available.


Typical daily volume for all MADIS datasets can be seen here.


No restrictions. All observations are publicly accessible.

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Last updated 16 March 2017