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  MADIS Satellite Sounding Variables

MADIS Satellite Sounding Variables

Code       Name                                    Units      Max     Notes      Database
                                                           QC Level*            FSL  AWIPS

Sounding Products                                                       1        

T         air temperature                          K            1                X     X
TV        virtual temperature                      K            1       2        X     X
WVMR      water vapor mixing ratio                 kg/kg        2       3        X     X 
TD        dewpoint temperature                     K            2       3        X     X
RH        relative humidity                        %            2       3        X     X
Q         specific humidity                        kg/kg        2       3        X     X
DPD       dewpoint depression                      K            2       3        X     X
AH        absolute humidity                        g/(m**3)     2       3        X     X
SKINT     skin temperature                         K            0                X     X 
LSM       land/sea mask                            code         0       4        X     X 
P         pressure                                 Pa           0                X     X 
PWV       precipitable water vapor                 kg/kg        0                X     X 
HT        pressure altitude                        Pa           0                X     X 
DAYNITE   day/Night qualifier                      code         0       6        X     X
FOVNUM    field of view number                                  0                X     X
NUMLEV    number of sounding levels                             0                X     X
SUPIND    superadiabatic indicator                 code         0       7        X     X
GRIDSE    grid point solar elevation               m            0                X     X
SATID     satellite identifier                     code         0       5        X     X 
TERRTYP   terrain type                             code         0       9        X     X
ZENITH    satellite zenith angle                   deg          0                X     X

* The QC information is only available with the FSL database.

Last updated 16 March 2017